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You can pre-order In the Lonely Backwater

In the Lonely Backwater, my YA/crossover thriller in the Southern gothic tradition, is now available for preorder from Regal House - paperback or limited-edition hardcover with dust jacket. I'll sign all pre-orders before they are shipped. The ebook is available for preorder on Kindle or as a Nook book from Barnes and Noble. Release date is spring 2022 from Regal House/Fitzroy Books. There's a beautiful body in the remote North Carolina marina, and Maggie knows more than she's admitting....

To the Bones now in audio as well

Copies of To the Bones

To the Bones has been called "a storytelling feat: a pulse-pounding thriller that also manages to construct a whole terrifying, gorgeous mythology" with zombies (of a sort), and vampires (of a sort), and psychics, orange rivers, pits full of bones, rumors of the Rapture -- even a coal baron's mansion with a deep, dark secret.


If you like to listen to scary stories, To the Bones is now available as an audiobook at Chirp, Libro, Amazon Audible, and many other retailers.


Signed copies may be purchased at Scuppernong BooksMalaprop's Books, Sunrise Books, Little Switzerland Books and Beans, and BookMarks in North Carolina; McNally Jackson Books Soho in New York City; Empire Books/Inner Geek and Taylor Books, in West Virginia, Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, and City Books in Pittsburgh.

The Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore at WVU displays To the Bones and other WVU Press titles, as do Books-a-Million in Morgantown and Four Seasons Books in Shepherdstown, WV.

You may order copies through any of the fine IndieBound local bookstores, and of course at Amazon, B&NPowell's, Target and Walmart!



Leopard Lady

Cover image of Leopard Lady

Grace Cavalieri writes of Leopard Lady: A Life in Verse: "The Leopard Lady is the product of a powerful writer who knows what she wants and sets the Lady out to find it. Nieman, with vivid language, writes what Leopard Lady believes — including Bible teachings, dramatized and characterized through a fictional mind that suddenly becomes wholly real to us. This is about the stages of life for one whose perseverance is to seek pieces of the puzzle and even a piece of love. The poems are images of truth with stunning versatility."

Signed copies are now available at all the fine bookstores above as well as Quail Ridge Books, So & So Books, McIntyre's Books, at the Coney Island Museum Gift Shop, at White Whale Bookstore in Pittsburgh, and from Press 53 and all the usual online outlets.