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Book Fair at O.Henry

February 18, 2015

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“Writers Meet Readers”: Local Authors Book Fair

The second annual “Writers Meet Readers” O.Henry Book Fair will be held at the O.Henry

Hotel from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, February 21st. It will feature 20 local writers, all with

recently published books.


Presented by the O. Henry Hotel, the UNCG MFA Writing Program, and O.

Henry Magazine, the event will be hosted by O.Henry's editor and New York Times best-

selling author Jim Dodson. Each writer will be selling, signing and talking about their latest


Book titles will range from light fare, such as John Batchelor's Chefs of the Mountains, to

Lynn Chandler Willis's award-winning private eye novel, Wink of an Eye. Newly published

books also will run the gamut, including Ellen Fischer's children's book, Latke the Lucky

Dog, and Maycay Beeler's, Buccaneer, a true account of the life and times of Jack Reed, an

All-American boy turned drug smuggler; turned Robinson Crusoe, then infamous prison



Poets a’plenty will be in attendance: Martin Arnold, Valerie Nieman, David Roderick, and

Mark Smith-Soto. Other authors include Fred Chappell (Poet Laureate of North Carolina

from 1997–2002), Jaime Lynn Forbes, Gary Furnas, J. Phillips L. Johnston, Jacob Paul,

Ann Trueblood Raper, Ann P. Saab, Lollie White, and Lee Zacharias.


The book fair is named for Greensboro’s most famous writer, William Sydney Porter

(O.Henry), and sponsored by the hotel and magazine by the same name. It will be held  at

the O.Henry Hotel, 624 Green Valley Road. There is no admission fee.


For more information: call The UNCG MFA Writing Program at 336-334-5459.